Professional Team

Simon Lawrence – Director

professional simon lawrence

My strength is occupational health and safety systems. I also do audits, safety training and coaching. I take an interest in your business and I listen to what you want. I give best value by ensuring my advice and services are relevant to your needs by knowing my subject. I am seen as a professional. People also like the way I cut through the myths and misconceptions in health and safety.

I love it when people tell me I have fulfilled their needs and put their minds at rest. I call that a good day. I keep up to date with developments and I find common-sense ways to take solutions into your business. Changes in New Zealand legislation in 2016 under the Health & Safety at Work Act are built in to all my systems and services. They also align with international standards, notably NZS 4801 Health & Safety Management Systems. When ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety is released, that will be integrated as well.

I can be outspoken about health and safety. It gets a “bad press” sometimes. It’s often difficult to understand and easy to get lost in. Some consultants don’t help this by putting too much into compliance, processes and procedures. Safety is about people and behaviour. Processes and procedures are very important, but the only two things that actually work for you are leadership and taking responsibility. This means the officers and managers in your organisation and your employees.

I have developed a number of professional safety management systems, notably “SafetyBase” which is a cloud based safety software solution, and “SafetyPack” which is document based. Both these systems have been updated for the latest OHS legislation. They come as a set of enabling functions and features that guide you through the implementation and maintenance of your safety system. They include all the good ideas I have come across during the course of hundreds of safety audits. So you get that wide experience built in.

Just call me on (+64) 9 535 4355 or toll free within New Zealand 0800 000 267


Blair Peach – Technical Director

professional blair peach

Blair networks as “Geeky Bastard” but we’re not sure that tag does him justice. He takes a keen interest in your specific needs and designs creative but professional solutions that make our SafetyBase software easy for you to use, but smart. He has become an essential part of our software side of the business.

Blair’s role is in the development of “SafetyBase” and related IT products.
He was closely involved in the original development, which was built as an interactive extension of SafetyPro’s existing paper systems. He has over 25 years professional experience in IT and business.
His roles have included project management of systems and business projects, IT management, systems design and programming. His problem solving abilities result in smart stuff that you can use productively to manage safety in your business.

Steve Hoeksema

professional steve hoeksema

Steve was responsible for writing the SafetyBase application. These days, he plays a senior developer role behind the team of designers and developers we employ to deliver the upgrades, do the tweaks and advise about technical queries. He also ensures the hosting service runs securely and without a hitch.

The quality and creativity of his original work has stood the test of time and this means SafetyBase works. It is largely due to his professional approach that SafetyBase has developed into a world class cloud based software platform.