Welcome to the Big Little Page about our reliable, tried and tested SafetyPack system. SafetyPack safety system might be our “junior” as far as safety management systems are concerned, but the straightforward simplicity is the key to its continuing popularity. What’s more, it’s been updated to reflect the 2015 legislative changes. And it has a safety/environmental option too.

Why “SafetyPack”?

Because it was built around ACC’s WSMP. While WSMP has been discontinued by ACC, it’s still an excellent vehicle for your safety management system. SafetyPack is a punchy but simple package that leaves no stone unturned in getting you across the line.

Here are some of the key reasons SafetyPack continues to be a steady seller from our stable of products:

  • It’s straightforward and fuss free
  • It gives you a packaged system to follow, not just a Manual
  • It uses everyday language and flow chart summaries of each procedure
  • It is a reliable, tried and tested system
  • Implementation Plan & Maintenance Kit. This comes as a spreadsheet, detailing a logical sequence of actions. It tells you simply what you have to do every step of the way to put your SafetyPack safety system into place. Getting a team together, identifying hazards, planning your training, reporting accidents, forming a safety committee, right through to the final finishing details.Once that’s complete, the spreadsheet becomes a Maintenance Kit. You can add dates for routine tasks and reviews. The date cell changes colour from green to blue when it’s due or to red when overdue.
  • A sample Employee Induction Booklet. This includes all the vital safety information required for new employees, as originally specified by ACC. You can edit and add to this booklet or any of the SafetyPack materials.
  • An Excel tabbed spread sheet for recording your lost work days due to accidents. You can create your own locations and number of employees. You can set a target for days lost, then monitor progress using the statistical report and line graph.
  • A Self-Assessment Kit. The self-assessment can be used as an internal audit of your continued conformance, or provided to an independent external auditor to do it for you.
  • An Audit Survival Kit. This simple document ensures you know which procedures and records in your SafetyPack system you need to keep alive to maintain the integrity of your system. It can be shared with an auditor if appropriate and may make their job easier. Every safety management system is a little different from others, so it helps to know how your system addresses each audit requirement, and where to find it.
  • Troubleshooting Guide. This is a simple alphabetical list of key words. Want to know what the procedure and forms are when a contractor arrives? Want to report an Accident? Look in the Troubleshooting Guide.


You pay a flat fee of $2,500 plus GST for everything listed above. From there on, you can add, edit, copy or modify the materials as much as you want within your own organisation.


SafetyPack comes with 6 months unlimited phone and email support included. That’s 6 months when you can pick our brains and pester us as much as you like. We’ve been there many times before and we know what works. Whether it’s people in your team dragging their feet, or simply the best way to manage a hazard, we’re there for you.

We can also offer face to face implementation support for a reasonable flat fee per month. That would normally be a single one-hour implementation meeting per month using the supplied Implementation Plan. The Plan is put together in a logical sequence, so everything you need to do follows on from the last. Allow 6-8 months for implementation if you have little or no safety system currently in place.

What we bring is the confidence of having done this many times before. You can avoid a lot of anguish and gnashing of teeth with an expert available in brief bursts at your work, and on tap by phone and email all the time. Call Simon now on 021 903 314.

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Case studies – based on actual client examples

“A hire company specialising in elevating work platforms used commonly in the construction industry needed to formalise their existing safety systems and to maintain their quality reputation. They saw the simplicity of SafetyPack as very suitable for their active, hands on industry. They also felt that approval to ACC Primary Level was a suitable seal of approval that would be recognised by clients and project principals.

We helped with implementation which was completed to satisfaction of all concerned in less than 6 months”


“A sole drain layer was required by the councils to show them his “Safety Plan”. We modified SafetyPack a little, to reflect his sole trader position. We helped him identify the hazards he dealt with and documented the control measures he used to stay safe. This showed evidence of actual and specific safety planning.

The council was happy and his contract was renewed again. He has just come back to us for a review and update as his contract moves under the new Auckland “Super City” ”


“A New Zealand branch of an electrical connectivity supplier based in Australia was told to comply with a Corporate OHS Manual as big as a door stop. At the same time, they wanted to achieve ACC Approval to Tertiary Level. We picked the key points out of the Aussie manual to get clarity and adapted SafetyPack to do both jobs without massive sections and text.

“Aussie” was happy and they are now ready for an ACC audit”