Fatherless boys need good male role models. Can you help?

Fatherless boys need good male role models. Can you help?

I’m organising a “Little Guys’ Big Day Out” to support fatherless boys. It’s at Ambury Regional Park, Mangere, Auckland on Saturday 26 November, 10:00 a.m. till 04:00 p.m. Please donate to Big Buddy via Givealittle, or if you feel you want to get more involved, apply to be a Big Buddy.

Why fatherless boys?

I think I took an interest in the need to  support fatherless boys for three main reasons:

  • I’ve been a father. Two boys and a girl. Now they are all adults I’m proud of. And I’m proud I was there for them all. I enjoyed being a father.
  • I’ve been a soccer coach to young fellas off and on for about 30 years. I have seen how fatherless boys identify with a male mentor.
  • I was a volunteer firefighter for 27 years and sometimes, this meant I saw first hand the behaviour that can happen when young guys get cars and drink too much.

Big Buddy is an established charity who match up safe and mature “Big Buddies” with “Little Buddies” – fatherless boys 7 – 14 years old. I’ve applied to be a Big Buddy myself and I’m going through the process of approval.

By the way, I acknowledge that a child of either gender may not receive a good cross section of role models, depending on their situation. But I’m dedicating my time to fatherless boys, because that’s where my main concern is.

Little Guys’ Big Day Out

I am getting together some big displays like fire engines, police displays, big trucks, cranes, personalities etc and inviting families to come and have fun for the day. We will be taking donations and Big Buddy will be there taking applications from good men who might be interested in being mentors to fatherless boys.

Big Buddy are a bit busy with other fund raising right now, so I’m doing this alone, but it’s as simple as this: More money means they can match more Big Buddies with boys in the future. If you are a father of a boy, think for a moment about your own son. If you were no longer there for him, then apart from having a mum, the next thing you’d probably want is for him to have access to a responsible, guiding male role model. I feel very strongly about supporting this cause and I hope I can inspire you and/or your organisation to donate here at Givealittle.

Latest update

The very helpful Senior Ranger Wayne, at Ambury Regional Park has told me the event is provisionally approved, pending some more detail and the Council department officially signing it off. I have three very competent helpers so far, who have agreed to advise and assist in the following areas: 1. Erin, organising volunteers on the day, 2. Elizabeth, advising on event management and 3. Karen, media relations.

Help I need

Fatherless boys

Know any street performers?

Please email me simon@safetypro.co.nz, call 0800 000 267 or post on the Facebook event page if you know of anyone who can help with:

  • A nice big PA system
  • Portaloos
  • Signage for roads and the park
  • A marquee about 5m x 5m for HQ and lost kids
  • Street performers, magician other entertainers

Simon Lawrence, SafetyPro Limited. 0800 000 267. 19 October 2016

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